Case Studies

  • Ashfield Health

    Discover how we collaborated with Ashfield Health to create a variety of branded merchandise, aiding their latest business venture. Along with showing appreciation to their employees. Ashfield Health acknowledged the significance of having branded merchandise, as well as the practical benefits it offers; this collection included a cup, notebook and pen proving to be practical. To make the merchandise tailored to Ashfield, it was finished with their logo and an inspirational slogan "make it matter".

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    Ashfield Health
  • Delta Airlines

    Delta Airlines sought Magellan's expertise in sourcing a vast array of branded merchandise, including items like foam fingers, towels, mugs, and more. Find out how we brought this extensive selection to life for a highly respected and trusted company.

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    Delta Airlines
  • R Ready

    Discover how we partnered with RReady to develop promotional merchandise and high-end video boxes for their 'Kickbook' program, which emphasises innovation management and idea implementation. RReady recognized the value of integrating promotional items while also amplifying their brand and logo to a broader audience. Explore how RReady's custom promotional products like stationery, water bottles, clothing, sticker sheets, and mascots helped to broaden their name.

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    R Ready
  • Speedo

    Speedo approached Magellan with a request for custom video boxes to complement their latest FastSkin collection, intended for distribution to professional swimmers. Each box was to be personalized with a message, tailored specifically for the recipient. They aimed to use video boxes as an innovative way to showcase their collection, seeking a design that was both visually striking and practically functional. The boxes needed to be sufficiently large yet aesthetically appealing to accommodate two swimming caps, one swimsuit, and a pair of goggles.

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  • GCI Health

    GCI Health, a global healthcare agency, approached Magellan seeking merchandise for their employee summer party. They aimed to find a range of summer-themed products that their employees could use and enjoy; reflecting their goal of caring for others. The merchandise was aesthetically aligned with GCI's brand logo, by ensuring the burnt orange colour stood out to captivate others. Discover more about our collaboration here.

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    GCI Health
  • Tech 21

    The Tech 21 video box not only highlighted the company's branding but also featured a tasteful single-color print, making it both useful and fashionable as a gift. Included in each video box was an A5 Notebook Gift Set, complete with a special notebook that boasted a Thermo PU cover, a black ribbon as a page marker, magnetic closure, and 80 sheets of cream-lined paper. Accompanying this was a Tactical click-action ballpoint pen adorned with the Tech 21 logo, adding to the set's overall elegance and cohesiveness. These thoughtfully selected items enhanced the gift's appeal by combining style with functionality. They offered more than just brand promotion; they provided recipients with handy note-taking tools and a chic beverage container.

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    Tech 21
  • Mannol Porsche 911

    Using video presentation packaging and promotional items is an excellent strategy for gaining a competitive advantage and promoting new projects, something Mannol understood well. The Mannol team sought to showcase their latest advancement in engine oil for the Porsche 911 Turbo S, a product synonymous with luxury, by employing a unique selection of video packaging.

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    Mannol Porsche 911
  • John Madden EA Sports 2023

    In a joint effort, EA teamed up with Magellan to create deluxe Promotional Merchandise housed in a video package, aimed at introducing the new Madden NFL 23 game to influencers and journalists. The central goal was to pay tribute to the iconic John Madden and showcase his legacy in the video game; this goal was pivotal in the design process, from the initial ideas to the end result of the Promotional Merchandise.

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    John Madden EA Sports 2023